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The location is a priority element in the act of buying.

PARISOUEST.IMMO specializes in Paris for its beauty and the quality of its buildings, but without forgetting the quality of life in Western Paris which offers a green environment and sometimes a little more space and exteriors.

TRANSVERSALITY, from one city to another, allows us to accompany our clients within the same region


- An obligation of means is imposed but the duty of advice must also be linked to the duty of result:

- Internet tools and communication supports

- Member of the SNPI (National Union of Real Estate Professionals)

- Adjustment of our tools according to the defined strategy

- Accompaniment until the handing over of the keys


Over the last 10 years, we have noticed that :

- 70% of the sales are realized at the amount of our estimate

- 90% of the exclusivities granted to our agency lead to a sale

The pre-sales reflection with our clients significantly improves the sales: in terms of time but also in financial terms

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